You should be seeing the new design. I can see it at any rate. If you can’t see it: clear your cache?? I’m still working on it, though I reckon it looks good enough to just go ahead and toss up here. The differences are subtle! But I totally gutted the insides, which was mostly what I wanted to do. The theme I had been using, which I designed over four years ago while catastrophically depressed in a coffeeshop in Portland, was super bloated. It had like hundreds of lines of unnecessary code and it was getting pretty creaky. So here’s this thing! It’s prettier I think. I even made it Halloween-themed.


I finally finished making my store, which is called

My friend Janet made that for me years ago, because I was going to do something with that name. I’ve completely forgotten what I was gonna do. So now it’s the name of my back alley Internet Store that sells increasingly arcane T-shirts that probably I am alone in thinking are cool. Hey that’s fine. I’ve already ordered some for myself, and they showed up, and they look really good! I’m just some idiot so I was pleasantly surprised they weren’t a disaster. Also, they’re so soft.

I mean, come on:

OK I’m going to sleep!!! I’ll write more tomorrow, when I wake up at 2 p.m. Hah!