I went to New York City because I probably won’t be back there again for some time. I stayed with Monty and her cat Bilbo in Queens, and at night we ventured into Brooklyn to shriek like idiots and drink at dive bars and eat at overpriced restaurants. We also went to a massive cemetery there, and hid beneath tall trees when it started to rain. I got to see Molly a few times . . . and even briefly wore her and Monty’s shirts just for the hell of it. And on my last night there I saw my good friend Tracey, who was giving a talk at a bookstore in Cobble Hill, on account of her being a published novelist now! I took a picture through the window. And then afterwards we all went across the street to Clover Club to celebrate. I caught a midnight bus back down to DC an hour later. I had fun! Anyway here’s the whole thing in chronological order, more or less: