i was lying here in the dark thinking “nightmare to a dream” is exactly how i would describe the last six months of my life, and then i remembered this line from EARTHBOUND

thank you beautiful friends & spiderlady

everyone is getting in on friday. people are flying in from all over the god darn world, for shit’s sake. at my behest, heartbroken tombo is on a midnight train through texas to get to california by friday. i told him, i said, “come on over, brother.” and so he is. i gotta pick up pallas and amissa at the airport in the evening, and on and on. it’s gonna be real cool. we’re gonna have a hell of a time all weekend. i’m uh . . . i’m just slightly terrified that like 40+ people are showing up to the kermit resurrection. i actually think that’s going to be the case. oh well!! the invitation says “bring wine” and plenty of people have told me they are, so i reckon there will be enough to go around. ok!