When you’re out walking a night, and you get that faint smell of a cigarette or a joint nearby but you never see the smoker . . . yeah for some reason that’s comforting to me lol

What I miss now are the strangers you run into at night when they’re just sitting on their porch and you say hi to each other. I remember one night I was walking around UC Berkeley, and this girl was standing outside her apartment building smoking a joint, and she mentioned something about the stars being bright and invited me to smoke with her. She told me to come to this music thing she ran at New Parish every week called Wormhole Wednesday. And she said she could sell me mushrooms. Hah! Stuff like that rules. I have always had good luck befriending strangers at night.

Also missing right now is walking around and ending up at Missouri Lounge or Wolfhound or Ruby Room, and seeing some people there I know, and staying till close, and so on.

Anyway I hope that stuff comes back soon. In the meantime I am literally stopping to smell the roses because this is the Bay Area and the weather is always nice and there sure are flowers everywhere. Sometimes I’ll walk by a jasmine or honeysuckle bush and get real emotional because lord knows those are are the nostalgia scents. And it may as well be McDonald’s because

i’m lovin’ it

ok good-night 🌝✨