My friend Nina from CHALK TALK has a show on UCLA Radio every Tuesday at 5 pm, which is 2 am here in Berlin. I am of course awake then and so I reliably TUNE IN, usually while sulking in the bathtub. For weeks I have wanted to call in between songs, but I kept missing my chance. Well! Tonight I did call in, and Nina and her cohost put me on the air without letting me know that I was on the air. So I just rambled on like a total jackass for five minutes about the etymology of her cohost’s name (it’s Greek and means “wisdom” (lol)) and how it won’t stop snowing in Berlin, and how I feel sentimental about California, and so on, not realizing that a bunch of random people in Los Angeles could hear me. Well! In all honesty, I think that rules. It’s probably better that I didn’t know.

Back when my cousin was in college, I would call in to his radio show every single week with a different voice and do a stupid bit for as long as I could. Like I’d say I was an expert on Civil War cannonballs or something and just make a bunch of shit up until he caught on.

Man, that’s absolutely what I should have done tonight. Oh well!! Next time . . .

(P.S. I miss Chalk Talk and my friends from Bex’s band. When I was with them in Oakland and LA last year, I was the happiest I’d been in a long time. It’s true! I told everyone I’m Down To Drive Again this summer if they’d have me. I’ll fly all the way back to California just to do it. Why not? Well, they said yes. If I’m still alive by then, I reckon that’s just what I’ll do!!!)