‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ is not a great movie. It’s good but it ain’t great. And as my friend Zak “Delicious” McCune would say: “It’s got some stuff in it.” Some of that stuff is in these pictures I took of the movie playing on my stupidly gigantic TV!

AS PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED: I am watching all the ‘Star Trek’ movies by myself. I’m back from New York so now I have to get through the ‘Next Generation’ era movies, which, man, is probably not going to be a whole lot of fun. Some of them are OK though! Tonight I’m getting hot and heavy with ‘Star Trek VII: Generations’ which is the one where Picard and Kirk meet. Yeah. This soldier is ready for combat, baby. I’m ready to jump into the trenches and get on with the thing.

Will you join me? No! You can’t, because this is a journey I have to fly solo on, baby. I am an unmarried childless 29-year-old man with no great purpose. What else am I going to do other than watch all these fuckin things in the dark??

I really am making a li’l subsite! With a paragraph or two about each movie! It’s going to be an OK thing to look at. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: even the bad ones are worth watching. There’s stuff in all of them, whether you dig ‘Star Trek’ or not. H’okay?


Kirk out~