Whoa. Last week I was on the other side of the world wondering when I’d ever see the sun again, and this week I’m standing outside the Oakland Crematorium off Piedmont wondering why the streets are dead empty. It has been a strange time. . . .

Though yeah: I am visiting Oakland for a little while. If you’re around, let me know!

Next week I will be in New York visiting Tim and Jenny and their new dog D’Babbis, who is a little pomeranian. And I’m gonna see Shaina too! She’s human. Anyway, I’m pumped as hell.

And then: ???

I reckon I got a lot more to say tomorrow. But now I am going to curl up inside my military sleeping bag on my sister’s couch in El Cerrito and try to ignore the fact that it’s like literally 55 degrees in here (lol)~

Here’s a moody picture that Laura’s sister Helen took of me in Berlin a few weeks ago:

. . . and another she took of me and Dante in my apartment in Kreuzberg:

OK good-night!! ☆