I drove down to the Bay Area from Portland on Friday night. It took about ten hours. Kerwin and I had rented a minivan and had loaded it with 100% of my things and about 20% of his things. Dante slept on a blanket in the backseat pretty much the whole drive—though when the sun started to come up over Mt. Shasta, he climbed into the front seat and sat in my lap.

On Easter Sunday I drove Laura and her sister Eli to the Golden Gate Bridge, and then through Golden Gate Park all the way down to Ocean Beach. I hadn’t been there in a while. I used to have a delivery route that went right by it . . . but that was some time ago!

Anyway: Eli had never seen the Pacific Ocean before, and so she finally saw it that day. Years ago, when I first met Laura, she told me she had never seen the Pacific Ocean, and Ocean Beach was where I took her to see it. Hell, both sisters saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time in the exact same part of it!

Later I went to Tim’s place in San Leandro and watched Ben-Hur (1959) in High Definition. Yeah baby!!

Well: I guess I live here now. Again! I just need to find an apartment. I’m working on it! I’m also probably going to get a car sometime next week, because you gotta have a car around here.

As of today I have health and dental and vision insurance. I have paid time off and sick leave and on and on. What the heck, man.

I don’t feel much so far! I will let you know if that changes.

Bay Area Buddies! Please text me~