two days ago i got an email from a woman in scotland who i knew years ago and who i had not heard from in some time. it was a very long email. she said, in many words, that she considered us friends, and that if i wanted to come to scotland i should.

a few hours later i got an email from my friend in oakland who a few years ago i had had a falling out with. she said she was watching a movie and it reminded her of me, and she wished we were still friends. i was sitting at my computer when i got this email. i replied immediately. maybe five minutes had elapsed since she had hit send when i was hitting send on my own email. i told her she was still my friend and that i loved her very much. it made me happy to be able to say that to her again.

i had contacted both of these people previously and had not heard back

christmastime, huh

i was thinking about it a few minutes ago, and if 99.99% of the people i knew in the past who went away for one reason or another, whether is was my fault or theirs, or whatever, were to reach out to me again and ask to be friends, i would definitely be their friend again. i would not turn them away. i really have no hate in my heart. it’s true. i love everyone i’ve ever loved just the same as i ever loved them. it doesn’t matter what happened. maybe it’s more complicated for other people, but it isn’t for me

anyway that’s all i have to say