Hey! I made a new shirt the other day. Here it is:

Yes, there are now two Macho Man Randy Savage shirts on KING METEOR. Believe it or not, this is an actual quote of his. This dude was incredible and he’s one of my heroes. RIP. Though yeah, I think it looks pretty cool. Question is: do you?

ALSO: Thank you to everyone who has bought a shirt! I’ve sold more than I imagined. I guess I supposed I wouldn’t sell any at all, so hey. To be clear, I make pretty much no money from these, and while it ain’t exactly charity, I just wanted to make stuff that did not otherwise exist. Why not? The ethos of this thing, or whatever you want to call it, is to create T-shirts that look like they would be sold in a truck stop gas station on the moon . . . shirts that are maybe one or two levels removed from being dumb trash, though that is exactly what they are in spirit of course.

Imagine something like this, which I saw at a gas station in Lebanon, Indiana, on my way to see my friend Monty, and then onward to Tennessee with my friend Mable Palombo last month:

So like that, except kind of cool. Yeah??

I’m cooking up a few more. I think they’ll be pretty all right. One of them has Jack Nicholson’s face on it, and it’s about cocaine. I’m definitely going to get that one.