Oh man: my lease is up October 1st. I’m going to spend the next month selling most of my stuff. Does anyone want anything??

I have been looking at the things I own and while I don’t own much, I don’t need about half of it, and I certainly don’t want any more of it. 

I have been thinking about dumb bullshit like this: there is a low shelf in my room that I put my books on. I think it comes up to my knees. I have decided that nothing in my next bedroom, wherever and whenever that is, will be taller than that bookshelf. In fact I would like everything to be at least half the height of that shelf.

Also I’m done with mattresses, man. What a pain in the ass it is to own a mattress. You ever tried moving or storing one of those things? It ends up costing you the price of the mattress to move it one or two times. It sucks. I’m just going to get a super thick Japanese futon and sleep on the floor. Hell maybe I’ll even get some tatami mats to lay it on so it has a little give. That would be so hot. I think I’m going to do that. You can break down tatami, and you can roll up a futon. Yeah. I want to be able to move everything I own with a four-door sedan.

If I come across anything that is real cool I’ll post it here before I put it up on eBay. I’ll give you a good price!!

Bay Area buddos: I’ll be in Oakland soon to Store my Stuff so let’s hecka hang out, man. I’m ready to hang out. Let’s hang out real hard.

After that I’m going to the desert for a month. God knows why. And then I reckon I’ll make my way back to the Bay or to LA. Oh no that rhymed. ;-(