i’m sorry: in my experience, 99% of photographers represent what i dislike more than anything on earth, which is phoniness

my friend emi is a photographer and she’s a real good one. she is what you might call a quote-unquote honest sort of artist. my friend phil is also a photographer and he ain’t a fraud neither.

but i swear, you look around, and these bloodsuckers are all over the internet, and they’re posting black and white pictures of trees with a god darn instagram caption four or five paragraphs long about . . . looking for “genuine connections,” and being in nature, and how inspired they are by talking to homeless people, and all this other absolute horseshit that doesn’t have a ring of truth to it

and then you hear stories, as i do in portland, about how many of them are creepy fucking predators!!

good lord, these lizards

these slimeballs!

y’all can shove your cameras up your own asses for all i care

. . . if there’s room! cuz i reckon your uh heads are also up your own asses big time!!!

ok i’m done sounding like holden caulfield and also addressing an invisible enemy for no real reason

(does the fact that i’m paralyzingly self-aware about how dumb i sound absolve me of all my sins? i wonder)

uh anyway bye lol