My little sister and her medium-sized boyfriend came to visit me in California. I took them to Point Reyes, which is in the North Bay. It’s real cool there. You can inhale clouds and walk around on alien vegetation and stare into the screaming oblivion called the Pacific Ocean, way the hell down there. We even saw a family of deer eating some weird-ass grass. Man. It really does feel like being on a different planet. Basically: the place rules a lot.

Anyway: Kendall’s boyfriend Adam took these. Nice going, dude. This is primo stuff ok. I like it. I love it. I god dang want some more of it.

I myself took some pictures that day. They look like dog shit compared to Adam’s. Maybe I should post them anyway. I think I will tomorrow. Yeah.

(To Kendall and Adam: Thanks for coming, you damn punks. Quit fuckin around and move over here already. Also I’m sorry I accidentally ditched you to hang out with a girl at an Iggy Pop show.)

((Sarah, if you’re reading this: I had a really good time seeing Iggy Pop with you~))