‘five easy pieces’ is one of my favorite movies

there’s a real good scene where these pseudo-intellectual dickholes are sitting around jerking each other off about art and philosophy and language and so on

jack nicholson, who plays this dude named bobby, and who is not very nice to his girlfriend karen black, who plays this lady named rayette, nonetheless defends her when one these jerkholes sort of picks on her for her unworldliness:

JERKHOLE: . . . But it was just what I was trying to point out—

BOBBY: Don’t sit there pointing at her.

JERKHOLE: I beg your pardon?

BOBBY: I said don’t point at her, you creep.

JERKHOLE: But I was just telling about—

BOBBY: Where do you get the ass to tell anybody anything about class, or who the hell’s got it, or what she typifies? You shouldn’t even be in the same room with her, you pompous celibate. You’re totally full of shit! You’re allllll full of shit.