i cut myself shaving but all is well and i’m seeing all my buddies tomorrow night, including [redacted]

(mario voice) yahhhoooOoooo!!!!

also: my left pocket on my denim jacket (a symbol of my individuality and my BELIEF in personal freedom), is kept unbuttoned cuz i use it a lot. inside is a gas station lighter, a comb, and some chapstick. yes:

the right pocket is always buttoned because it’s full of crap that is only occasionally useful. if i don’t button it, it’ll all fall out when i toss my jacket onto my bed or whatever

anyway i guess i hadn’t looked in there in a while. i just did and baby it was christmas morning. it is, i think, in addition to my left pocket, a visual representation / perfect encapsulation of my dumb lifestyle:

so uh looks like we got:

  • a business card for an art gallery in hamtramck that logan and i went to when i was in detroit
  • an icelandic 5 króna coin jess gave me when i was in chicago
  • a trojan ultra-thin condom (lol)
  • a hunter s. thompson cigarette filter
  • a 15mg extended-release adderall capsule
  • a button of hali palombo’s boyfriend’s face (daniel knox!) that her little sister mable gave me
  • emergency gatsby pomade (lol)

hey baby you never know!!

BONUS ROUND: my keys

that datsun, a guitar-shaped bottle opener, a skeleton key to my house, a utilikey dad tool-thing, a handcuff key (lol), my bike lock key, keys to work. . . .

IN CONCLUSION: i love it.

FINALLY: with my jacket on, monty and i are going on a wild two-day bender tomorrow night. see you at my funeral on monday!

well. . . .