Uh. I’m going to Portland next Friday, being the 19th, which is not just any old Friday: it’s GOOD FRIDAY. So Easter Weekend, baby . . . and 4/20 (lol).

I am, apparently, hanging out with my friend Sarah Pardini’s lieutenants, and I guess we’re gonna make some stuff. They want to take me to, uh, Lovecraft Bar, which I somehow managed to avoid going to when I actually lived in Portland. I don’t think I steered clear on purpose, but maybe . . . I have mercifully forgotten most of the Bad Stuff, which was Most Of It.

And Monty and Marguerite and I are going to go on a bender at a tiki bar called Sandy Hut, and then end up in a cemetery by my old house . . . and Molly and I are going to slink down into the basement of Elvis Room and lose our minds in the neon dark. Hey, that all sounds real good to me!!! (Molly, don’t you remember we met at Lone Fir Cemetery? At like midnight or some shit in October 2016? You were pretty drunk when I got there and you were dressed like Wednesday Addams. Man, that night ruled.)

ANYWAY: Let me know if you’re going to be around cuz I sure as hell will be!!!!!!!!!