I sent out like . . . ten postcards today! To Detroit and Buffalo and Dallas and Halifax and Portland, and on and on! I had bought these postcards in Vienna but never did anything with them, so now I have delivered them unto you, my precious farflung friends!!

Can y’all send me your addresses? I’m trying to get better at filling out the uh address part in my phone contacts. Cuz some of them are outdated or I never wrote down your address in the first place.

Email me!

And also email me if you’ve never received a letter from me but want one. You don’t gotta write me back or anything . . . I just like writing them is all . . . but it’s real cool to come home and find something in the mail that ain’t a freakin bill or a weekly grocery store circular. And also, ask anyone: my letters are long and the envelopes are covered in star stickers. Oh and also I seemingly have an infinite supply of Kwanzaa stamps.