PSYCHOMANIA rules. It has an incredible intro which I have written about a bunch of times because I still see it in my DREAMS, baby.

McCune and I have been seeing one disastrously terrible movie every week, and the other day I noticed he had a huge Psychomania on his leather jacket. And I thought, hell, I gotta get one of those.

So I found a cool dude selling smaller ones and I created a Storenvy account that in all likelihood I will never use again:


. . . he was sold out though! I sent him an email asking if he had one hiding in his couch cushions or beneath his refrigerator or whatever, and he actually did find a stray one in his house! So bless his little heart, he shipped it right on over to me.

Anyway I got it yesterday. It is pure and beautiful. I put it on the lapel of my black denim jacket. It looks like this:

Dude!! I’m definitely going to be the coolest kid in school now. Yeah. Well probably not actually.