This is my father and I in Saturn Cafe in downtown Berkeley, California a week and a half ago. I’ve been on the West Coast for, uh, something like five years now, and this was the first time he came out to see me. He told me he hadn’t been to California since 1983, and even then he was only ever in Los Angeles. He’d never seen the Bay Area! i took him all over the place. We went to Muir Beach and Point Reyes and Mt. Tam. We ate lunch at some 50’s diner in Petaluma cuz lord knows that guy loves American Graffiti.

Anyway here are all the pictures I took of him standing and sitting in the places I have mentioned, where I maybe overused the rule of thirds (lol):

“Do I look out of place here, Ryan? I feel like I look like I’m from Jurassic Park.”

He left at 4 a.m. Monday morning, and when I woke up I saw this on my refrigerator: