i am in a lot of pain, i am sick, and i had to do something terrible yesterday for not-my-sake. i don’t know, man. i just wander around in these ragged clothes and sit in coffee shops all day. it’ll be all right. i can’t be broke anymore and soon enough i have got to get out of this country. have any of you belgians ever wanted to marry a yank? i can be kinda funny sometimes and i don’t take up too much room. my friend called me a “greaseball” the other day but i’m pretty clean i think.

well: at least everyone is friendly here, and i can walk around fearlessly. i’m going to oakland in a few days to get dante and film the pipefest 2 commercial. yeah. that’ll be all right.

i guess i’m allowed to legally move into my house in four days. that’s pretty all right too.

buncha stuff ain’t all right

oh well!!