i went to a college party tonight. it was hilarious. i sat in a patio chair out back and drank champagne.

maybe it’s weird that three separate people came up to me tonight and knew my name. it kind of freaked me out! i guess i’ve been hanging around enough that i’ve got me some buddies over there on campus.

a girl gave me raw spaghetti to eat but i lost it when another girl in the pool hall asked me if i was from oakland (A’s cap, baby). i shared my champgne with a lot of people. i walked around and climbed on things. i had me a good old time.

people in portland love to hate reed. it is true that it is filled with assholes. but then so is earth???

i don’t know, i like those people. some of them anyway! 

i mean, what else am i gonna do except walk around and make buddies? you ever tried going to a bar? good lord, man. i’d rather eat part of my own neck.