Man, I’ve been listening to ol Brian Eno for a long-ass time. That dude is great. ACCORDING TO ITUNES: I have listened to ‘Another Green World’ over 300 times (!)~

Well I guess he put out this thing called REFLECTION in 2016 . . . and hey! I like it. I’ve been doing this thing every night where I put it on at a low volume like 20 minutes before I go to sleep, and then loop it all night long. It’s still playing when I wake up in the morning. It’s cool!

Dude invented AMBIENT MUSIC, ok. Or at least he popularized it and gave it a name.

All the ambient stuff he’s made is real good. I was reading his website and he’s talking about that there Reflection, and he says he makes this sort of stuff to use as “thinking music”. Cool!!

Dude has made a bunch of stuff, but here are some of the Hot Albums I listen to all the time:

Now go on! Git! Put on these Hot Albums and think about some sh*t, why don’tcha!!!!