OK: Laura Rokas and I are going to Japan in late February / early March. Yeah. We decided today that it’s gonna happen. I tell you: I’ve been finding flights for like $450 out of SFO. I’m so excited . . . I haven’t been back to Japan since 2010, where I spent New Year’s, and where I slept on a train and on the floor of an internet cafe after watching whatever the equivalent of the ball dropping is in Shibuya Crossing. It was a hell of a time. Laura? Let’s have a hell of a time. Why not? I don’t know what the fuck else to do anymore . . . now that there’s no sign of life . . . it’s just the power to charm . . . I’m lying in the rain . . . but I never wave bye-bye . . . but I try, I try.

Oops. Anyway: It’s going to be the cutest thing that ever happened. I’m leaving this entry here as a promise to myself and to Laura and to the rest of this godforsaken earth that I’m going the hell over there cuz I gotta. I gotta get out of here for a little while. I gotta have something to look forward to again, now that everything I was looking forward to was unceremoniously launched into the huge hot nuclear furnace called the sun!