I went to Ruby Room by myself tonight. It was cool. I drove my newly-cleaned / waxed car there and everything. I had been neglecting my whole life for two months, was looking and feeling bad, and had forgotten about the things I cared about . . . and now my clothes are clean and my teeth are brushed and I’m at my favorite bar in the whole world. And I got a shot and a beer and the bartender said he was only gonna charge me the happy hour price even though it was close to 11 pm . . . and I said, well hell, why are you gonna do that?? And he said a thing that made me feel good in a way only a bartender can make you feel good. He said:

“Because I fuckin know who are you, man.”

I tipped him the cost my shot and beer and I said, “Thank you for always being so nice to me.” This guy has been there for about as long as I’ve been going there, a long time now . . . and he winked at me! Well, look at that.

I sat down in the Han Solo booth by the door and thought about some shit. See: I got this vacation time I’ve been saving up and I got no good place to put it anymore . . . so I inverted the colors on my phone and booked three trips. I’ll write about them more tomorrow, but hell: I’m going to Los Angeles and San Diego and Detroit. I’m staying with my friends there. It will be real cool.

Today I drafted a post with the slug THE STARSAILOR RETURNS, and I’ll get into all this stuff more in that post, but yeah: if you’re Chantal and Sarah and Amissa and Alex and Logan and Storm, look out y’all cuz I’m coming. H’okay????

Laura and I are going to a salon together in the city on Monday. And then I’m having a New Year’s party at my house with my new haircut. Man! Yeah. OK I guess this post really is just a prelude to something longer, but I’m about to go to bed and I’m excited. It’s been a real rough time, so I gotta feel excited or else I don’t know.

Yeah. Well: Good-night Neverland!!! ☆彡