After a year of seeing a therapist who looks like Gandalf, and quietly reflecting in dark places both real and imagined (lol), I have come to the conclusion that from 2017 until some point in 2018, I acted in a way outside of myself, had a severe lapse in judgment that repulses me to think about, and finally and most importantly: I completely lost my fuckin mind lol

W-whew!! Well: which one of us is perfect?

I reckon sometimes you got to fall into a punji pit in a sad corner of oblivion to Know Thyself, or some horseshit like that. The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are strong in the broken places (et cetera). As long as you manage to crawl out of that hell you ended up in, then you can stand up and try to get along with it all again until they toss your dumb ass into a forced labor camp and, sometime later, steamroll your skeleton into a mass grave.

Well . . . bye!