Laura Rokas, the world famous French Canadian multimedia artist, turned 28-god-dang-years-old last week. On Friday she came to the East Bay and we had a li’l party for her. Tracey made us curry and a chocolate cake . . . and uh I put the strawberries on top~

We watched ‘LOGAN’, which rules, and which I have seen like four or five times in the last two months. You can see my buddy Hugh “Huge Ackman” Jackman chilling on the gigantic television in those pictures of Laura and Dante and the chocolate strawberry cake.

Laura has been walking this earth with a six-year-old phone, so I got that girl a new phone for her birthday!! Or rather: Tracey gave me her old phone that had a cracked screen and I got the screen replaced~

Next day we woke up and walked to downtown Berkeley to get her a new SIM card, which ran me twenty-five freakin dollars. Give me a fuckin break, dude.

And then, lord help us, we walked down University to get to some vegetarian place called the Butcher’s Son. The cashier knew who Laura was, on account of her being a world famous French Canadian multimedia artist, and the guy in the window knew who I was because I used to run a dingy cafe in North Oakland. We sat by the window and felt stupid. We ate a bunch of good food. Laura took a picture of me and set it as her background:

She’s moving to Berkeley and we’re going to be neighbors!!!!

Happy birthday jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!