I have known / befriended a fair amount of people who were like . . . really secretive. Sometimes that’s kinda cool, though I’m talking about a specific kind of secretive I think. Uh: Everyone is entitled to privacy, and to have secrets, and so on, but then there are these people who you get close to but still don’t know what their interior life looks like, or what they actually do when you’re not around. There are many things I do that nobody on earth knows about. Nothin creepy or anything, just like, I have these little moments all the time that only I know about. But it also never occurs to me to obfuscate myself, or play a part, or present some dishonest version of whatever it is that I am. There have been people I’ve lived with, for god’s sake, good friends of mine even, and I did not know what their lives looked like outside of what I could see with my own eyes. I don’t know. It just kinda makes it hard to know someone like that is all.