i finished rewatching ‘twin peaks’ on february 23rd, which is the day laura palmer died

i did this by accident! it was a nice surprise

the next day, february 24th, i watched the pilot again. man it’s so good. it’s like its own little movie. 

february 24th is also the day agent cooper arrives in twin peaks:

anyway the picture at the top is from today— is from my Secret Sunday Ritual at a Secret Restaurant in southeast portland. anyone is welcome to come as long as they know where it is!

today i got coffee and pie. if you’ve never had coffee and pie at the same time before: hoo! baby! you’re missing out big time.

that’s marionberry pie! marionberries grow in oregon, which is where i live. they put marionberries on everything here. i have marionberry jam. i put it on toast!

my cat doesn’t have cancer. i feel real fine about that. how y’all doing???

y’all wanna get some coffee and pie or what????