Tonight I was walking around Berkeley in the rain and, still spooked up on some bullshit over-the-counter pain medication (fightin the flu over here), a tall rectangular shadow lurched into view. I did not mistake it for a person coming towards me from the darkness. I really did think I saw an entity of some kind. And because I was the only one around, and because I am childish and stupid and therefore predisposed to believe things like this are bound to happen to me sooner or later, I supposed the shadow entity had come because it wanted to talk to me specifically.

Well, what the hell! It ended up being a big weird shadow and nothing more. In my peripheral vision it really did look like a portal from which some human-shaped thing might spring from . . . like an upright coffin that connects two points in time and space!

The thing is: I have questions for entities. I think about this scenario sometimes. And tonight I thought I’d finally be able to talk to one of them!

Namely, I want to know if spirits and entities and ghostly forms have agency. Do they have personalities and memories? Do they have dreams? If they are funny or sweet or sad, is it their own? Did they always have it? Or did it come from someone or somewhere else? Were they born. . . ??

I’m serious!

In ‘THRONE OF BLOOD’, two soldiers riding through a forest at night stumble upon a creepy old ghostman who is spinning some thread on a shitty loom and saying stuff about the futility of human existence:

(Wow . . . that guy sure does rule a lot~)

OK so clearly this isn’t so much of a character as it is a plot device in a literal Halloween costume. But like . . . if I were me, and I saw this dude somewhere, I really would wonder what his bedroom looked like, or what he thought about before he went to sleep, or if he’d been to space, or whatever.

AND LOOK: It is human to want to apply human characteristics to non-human things. I guess that’s both endearing and obnoxious of us. Probably a ghost or a dimensional being would not have use for such things like a personality or an interior life. They’re just abstractions and manifestations anyway . . . they’re not necessarily thinking / feeling things. It’s just that I wanna meet one so badly I like to think that they are.

(And maybe also I wish I were one. . . . !)

It was just a shadow though. I went over and looked at it and everything. What a bummer, man. Of the all humans on planet Earth, I’d be a pretty good one to run into if you were one of those things. Hell, I just wanna hang out and talk. And if they don’t wanna do that then that’s OK too~