well boys . . . looks like it’s time to eat some MUSHROOMS and go into the berkeley hills to ERADICATE THE PAST and REVEL IN THE PRESENT . . . and also pet some stray cats and feel just dandy. it’s good timing too cuz i got me a cute ’80s road bike as of eight hours ago and my lights and water bottle get here on saturday lol ☆~

yeah. . . . well: i’m ready to step into the dark and ugly places in my mind and see what i see there, and maybe even kill some of it. the important part is that i step out again, and lock the door tight behind me. there will be no use in returning to it. looking back is like gazing into a dark room. i am finished with it and it can’t hurt me anymore. and anyway, it’s like the fella said: the wound is where the light enters you, and so on~