Detroit! I’m comin to see y’all tomorrow. I get in round about 11:30 pm, or as my phone would say: 23:30. I got me a rental car and everything. I’m going to drive all over the place with the heat on. But first I’m going to drive to Logan’s house, and I reckon we’ll get wine or something and hold her cats. I told her we gotta wake up Saturday morning and do a huge Traitor Joe’s run so we can hide inside the rest of the weekend, though I reckon I’ll see Jackleen and Ari that night, or Sunday night, or whatever. Yeah. I got a T-shirt for Jackleen, what with her having given me her Nintendo 64 T-shirt and all that. FAIR TRADE.

Jackleen: I sleep in this thing every night. It is pretty much completely covered in Dante fur. And also I was real sad when I had to finally wash it because it smelled really good and probably like your apartment or something.

But yeah I love this thing~

ANYWAY: I think I’m gonna go to Chicago on Tuesday. . . . I got to get a train ticket and all that. Probably I’ll go at night. Jess said I can stay at her place, so yeeaaahhhhh man I sure do hope that’s easy to find, because it’s going to be like 20 degrees outside and I sure as shit don’t own a winter coat. And then I’ll find Hali and Mable sometime after that. And maybe Sarah too.

Dante was asleep on my bag for hours so I wasn’t able to finish packing until now. I am relieved that I don’t have to pack serum and retinol cream and all that, because I am staying with Girls the entire time, and I more or less know their skincare routines, and they more or less mirror my own. What a relief!!!

I’m very excited!!!!!!!!


See you soon!! You midwestern sons of bitches!!!