I have been riding my bicycle every night. Before I leave, I roll a joint and tuck it in my pocket and put on my headphones and walk my bike out to the lot. Then I smoke a little and put on a 45-minute-long album and ride out across Ashby Ave. and deep into Berkeley. There is a bike path behind Strawberry Creek Park that I take, which goes way the hell up there, maybe all the way up to Richmond, I can’t remember. The path runs behind houses and community gardens, and eventually beneath the BART rails, and on and on, and it’s very beautiful. . . . it intersects with a few basketball courts here and there, and I’ll stop and sit on a bench and get spooked up on the spooky stuff before I get to riding again. Most of the time I don’t see anyone at all. I always go it alone because no one will ever ride with me. Cowards! It’s real nice, though, riding along in the dark, haunted to oblivion, and listening to good stuff, and so on.

Last night I put on ANOTHER GREEN WORLD:

. . . which is about 42 minutes long, and which accidentally covered my entire trip up and down the bike path last night. ‘Sky Saw’ began just as I rolled out of my lot, and ‘Spirits Drifting’ ended just as I rolled up to my front door. Wow! It was a fine moment to be alive. And what with me being ghosted and haunted and spooked up and all that, I allowed myself to believe there was some significance to it . . . the significance being that I thought it was cool and nice!!

I always get emotional when ‘The Big Ship’ comes on. I was just getting to Strawberry Creek Park when that one came on, and I sure did go right ahead and tear up a little. I don’t know, what a moving piece of music, dude!!! What a thing.

LAST NIGHT, on my hazy bike ride in dark trees, alone because I have to be alone, in another green world, cold and tired, and with the big ship wavering into my mind, I thought, you know, what the hell . . . this is pretty good. I felt glad to be out there just then. I guess sometimes you’ve just got to admit that to yourself.

WELL: Good-night~ ☆彡