Man . . . the Pink-Haired Girl and I laid down a bunch of blankets on her top deck and watched the stars every night when I was in Washington. From up there we overlooked the Columbia River, and Portland was way the hell over there across the water and the dark forests. It was completely silent in every direction. And one night we saw probably five shooting stars in a row. It was so cute. We were so happy to see them. There were even some constellations I’d never seen before too. . . .

Her parents were so good to me. I can’t think of nicer people. And I loved her cats too!! Bub looks like black-haired Dante.

As I was leaving, the PHG handed me a big bag of snacks for the almost 700-mile drive back down to Oakland. She gave me a gallon of alkaline water too. Man! I had me a good old time. I drove the equivalent of half the total distance of the United States in a handful of days, and with a fuzzy eye and on no sleep. Hell, I’d do it again tomorrow if I didn’t have bills to pay.

(ALSO: I passed by a huge forest fire that is ripping through hundreds of thousands of acres by Crater Lake, so that was the only bummer. I’ll post pictures I took tomorrow.)

Thanks for everything, Stargirl. I’ll seeya soon.

OK~ ☆彡