Wow! I’m almost done with the new site. I’ve been working on it all week, round about eight to ten hours a day! At times I have forgotten to eat and shower. But now I can finally relax because I only have like an hour or two left to go before it’s ready to Go Live.

(Hmm. I reckon this is the third major iteration of starsailor dot co. Whoa.)

Also: I have created a store. So far I’ve made five shirts, though I’ve got a few more I’m working on.

Here are some of them:

(Tombo & Belgians take note: international shipping is only like $6.)

Basically I’m just making a bunch of shirts that I’m going to wear (lol) . . . but it’d be cool if y’all bought some too!! Black will be the only color, because come on. And with the exception of the inner label, there is no branding on them whatsoever! It’s just a black T-shirt with a black and white image on it. Yeah!

OK I’m gonna finish my cup of coffee and eat a gummy and go on a long walk. It’s 70 degrees out and nighttime, for god’s sake. And then I’m going to come back and finish this stuff. Maybe I’ll unveil it tomorrow. I guess we’ll both find out tomorrow afternoon when I roll my dumb ass out of bed!!!