Uh . . . whoa! I stopped jerkin around and finally 100% finished my store, which had been 97.8% finished for probably six months.

At any rate: We’re open for business, baby. Here it is, and you’re welcome to feel however you want about it:


I designed and coded everything from scratch. Does it look OK?

I got the ☆DELUXE☆ edition of ‘Gritt Calhoon and the Midnight Assault’ up so far. If you’ve already read it—hell, read it again. I’ve heavily revised and added to it. I think it’s something like a couple thousand words longer . . . but who knows! Certainly not me. Get that thing, man. Chew on it for a little while. There’s a lot to chew on. Each paragraph is as big and juicy as Gritt Calhoon himself. It’s different than the thing you remember. And if you’ve never read it, then you’re about to have a real fun time hanging out with my good buddy Gritt.

It’s a real professional-looking PDF, too. It’s got a cover, an epigram, a dedication page, and nice typography and everything. I spent a long time putting it all together.

Lookit this thing:

There’s gonna be an audiobook! Can you believe it?? An mp3 full of bad strangeness that you can put on in your car and make all your passengers feel weird about! McCune says he’s makin some ambient stuff to play in the background. It’s gonna go up in a couple weeks. It’s gonna be insane. I’m gonna scream until blood shoots out of my ears when it’s finished, and then y’all can take it and keep it. It will be my gift to the world. Just leave my corpse where it drops. That will be my gift to the landlord.

I’m also publishing a few other things I’ve written. The longer stuff! All getting the deluxe treatment! Packed with preservatives!

And then: Physical Stuff. Stuff sucks, but maybe this stuff will be OK. It’ll be cheap and dumb . . . just like me! I designed a whole bunch of it. Now I just have to put up the money to bring it into the three-dimensional hell called Earth!

OK! Help me out! Every sale I make goes right back into this god dang store (and, uh, also I’ll probably buy cat food). I don’t plan on making a dime!! I’m still gonna have fun with it anyway. What else can you do??

Sweet dreams! ☆彡