Well: I ordered the first, uh, “merchandise” that I’m going to sell on my store. Hain’t nothin fancy . . . just some cut li’l baby buttons I designed. If I break even then I will feel real cool. That is my goal with this store, and with my whole life for that matter: to break even.

One of the things I made is a square button. A square button! Isn’t that neat? Why don’t you see square buttons more often. . . ?


I designed a bunch of them, maybe a dozen in all, but I can only afford to do small runs of a few of them at first. Uh, I would like to do a lot more of this stuff!

I will also be selling digital copies of the books I’ve written. The older stuff has been heavily revised and lengthened and beautified and so on . . . kinda like a deluxe version I reckon. I spent a lot of time on them!! And as I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to make some physical copies as well since I have access to a place that would let me do that sort of thing~

So I guess as soon as my little tiny baby shipment comes in I’m going to launch my little tiny baby Starsailor Store. OK?!