Man, listen: This album is incredible. And o’course I’m talking about ‘Sunchokes’ by my new friends SPORTS. I have been listening to this beautiful thing for probably a month straight . . . I can’t quit it!!

I wrote SPORTS (such a good name~) an email saying, in so many words, that I liked them a whole lot, and that this particular album did something to me that I thought couldn’t really happen to me anymore. I told them that it reminded me of some summers I had a long time ago . . . the kind of summers I can’t get my hands on anymore—can’t get my hands on even if I tried!

“And even if I were to strip away my own ghostly affections for these songs,” (I said), “this is still grade-A stuff all the way through.”

I told them if they were ever in the Bay Area, I would gladly house them~

Anyway: Give it a spin, dudes.

(Tomo? In Spain? Are you reading this? You said you liked the records I posted a while back, and man, I’m telling you: you’re gonna love this thing~)