Whoa: One of my favorite bands, Remember Sports, formally just SPORTS (a superior name, but whatever~), is apparently remastering and putting out a deluxe version their first album SUNCHOKES. I love the hell out of that album. It’s real honest, you know . . . just some nerds in a garage singing about being a teenager and having cute li’l crushes on people and shit like that.

I saw them play at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco last January. It blew my mind because 1) no one had their phone out to record the show and 2) when some jerkweeds started moshing and pushing people around (this, uh, is not that kind of music), the band stopped playing and told them to knock it off. Afterwards some couple out back told me they liked my “greaser look” (lol) and then I drank a cheap beer and went home. It was cute.

Anyway yeah I’m gonna get this thing. Why not? The bombs are gonna start dropping any day now. May as well get my kicks while I still can!!!