i’m about to drink my passion flower / green tea potion-thing and go to sleep. i worked fourteen hours yesterday . . . eight at my Daytime Thing and then another five at the wolfhound pub down the street. yeah. not a bad beat, but not a great one either, though hell, lord knows i’ve got bills to pay.

and i’ve been working on this here website a lot, and it’s! it’s coming! it feels real good, dude. i just sit at my desk and make stuff. i’ve even recorded new videos!! which i hadn’t done in a long time. god, yeah!!!!!

i guess, like, yes, adam sandler (lol) from PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE. . . .

. . . in some sense, yeah, which i won’t get into because it’s boring!!

i’m going to detroit next friday. i’m going to portland at some point in the next few weeks too. i’ve written dozens of letters and emails, have made friends and done a whole lot of dumb trash and i gotta say: i’m lovin it. so i reckon they done gone and exhumed me and stuck me with an electric cattle prod. they done gone and given me my life back. here i am, just as you’ve always known me, except huge and beautiful and weird in a way that, uh, maybe i wasn’t before. ok.

zzz for now. more stuff in the morning. yes!!! kisses!!!! ☆彡