FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: Miranda and Cera, I have written you both letters, and they are in the mail. I’m sorry it took me so long!! I’ve been very busy self-loathing in the dark, and reading sci-fi novels, and muttering to myself, “For God’s sake, how much longer do I have to do this?”

These days I do all of this in a black sweatsuit, don’t you know. American Apparel is going out of business and so I bought this sweet sweatsuit during the big snowstorm in January. It’s so sweet, dude. I wear it all the time. I wake up and I make black coffee in my little black French press, and then I sip it and put my free hand on my hip and survey my street from my stoop, and I think, “Hell, look at all this crap.”

And then I do 100 push-ups divided into 4 sets!

Today, in my black sweatsuit, I walked down to the postbox on Hawthorne Boulevard and deposited two letters in brown envelopes. One is destined for Berkeley, California and the other for Vancouver, BC. Those are for my friends Miranda and Cera.

About fifty feet away was the place where I work. I went inside and hassled everyone for a few minutes. Then I left!

I thought about my dreams. The Elder Ones had visited me again and showed me things that didn’t make much sense to me. Sometimes these things end up making sense later on. I for sure have premonitions pretty frequently. Visions! Versions of future realities! Though I just think it’s . . . the uh . . . I am seeing through the multitude of dimensions that are super-compressed / laminated together . . . linear time being the only way humans can perceive change, and on and on. Basically these things have already happened because everything that is ever going to happen has already happened, and it happened, all of it, at the exact same time, and continues to happen over and over again, we just don’t know it, et cetera. What has not yet been finished here on Earth is finished in eternity—that sort of thing.

I’m just kidding. But I’m not! I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m not kidding though, even if I really am kidding (but maybe I’m not kidding).

Anyway: Y’all got some mail coming your way. Look out for it. I decorated the envelopes real nice. I think they look pretty OK.

AND NOW: I am sitting here in my black sweatsuit sippin a cup of green tea, and hell, this is all right for now. Yeah. Yeah. I think I might go walking. The sun has set and it is chilly out. It would feel nice to walk around in that.