what if instead of being able to see The Other World, you could only hear it??

i wonder sometimes if i’m picking up other frequencies . . . or maybe i’m just going completely insane

i was lying here in bed just now and i thought i heard a sort of ocean-like sound.  it could have just the blood in my head, but i hope it was the alien oceans of another world that is layered above or below the world i reluctantly inhabit

nevertheless i will continue to put out my own signal and hope to god some friendly entity from this nearby dimension comes to rescue me from this endless nightmare here on earth

and someday later i’ll tell my new friends in The Other World, i’ll say: “yes, there once was a place called the world, and i lived there for a long time. man, what a shithole! now, for god’s sake, will someone please pass me another one of those big huge parallel dimension beers cuz baby i got a few things i need to forget about!!!”