i don’t know if y’all noticed this, but jupiter and saturn and mars have been visible in the night sky since about mid-summer i think. i can always look up and find them. jupiter and saturn are always close together, jupiter being huge, and saturn hovering faintly above it. of course mars is easy to spot because it’s red in the night sky.

on monday, the winter solstice, jupiter and saturn will align and form a double planet conjunction. the two planets will either be extremely close together or right on top of one another, forming a solid dot in the sky. apparently jupiter and saturn haven’t been this close together in something like eight centuries. that’s insane.

anyway: make sure you go out and look at it! astronomers say this won’t happen again for a long time. and it is not difficult to find where jupiter and saturn are. (planets don’t twinkle like stars, etc.)

and well, you just know i love space and stars, so i had to say something about it here. so yeah!! ☆彡