I worked like hell today on finally finishing the sub-site for Kermit’s funeral, which was heavily documented by the 30 (!) or so people there. I got all these pictures and shit and I’ve got to put them somewhere, since this website acts as my extended memory, I guess . . . and also because just as we must remember the dead, so too must we remember the Final Ritual. My friend Kermit deserves nothing less. (And uhh people have been asking me about this forever, so yeah!)

See: I designed a whole suite of sub-sites, don’t you know. The only reason I haven’t posted them yet was because there was something squirrelly going on with the backend stuff and it was giving me hell. Which is to say I had to teach myself some new WordPress shit. I figured it out today! Each, uh, sub-site, or whatever, has its own design. Isn’t that cute? It took some finessing to make such a thing possible, but I had the power of prescription amphetamines on my side. You wouldn’t believe the things you can do while jacked up on this poison!!!

Maybe I shouldn’t! yet say this! but I did hear a rumor that Kermit is to return next month. Or anyway that’s what some homeless dude on San Pablo told me the other night when I was biking around. He stopped me in front of Donut Farm, grabbed my arm like the Ancient Mariner, had me sit sown on a bench and told me about a dream he’d had. He said someone or something was using his mind as a clairvoyant conduit to dispense such revelations upon an unsuspecting world. Yes, and in his dream he had seen Kermit alive again, and upon waking went to place he had been in his head, which of course lead him to my street, having been invisibly guided by forces unseen to him. There he felt slow vibrations beneath the earth . . . little tremors that can only come from the stirring of the restless dead. So maybe Kermit really is going to come back in April. Maybe even around Easter. I suppose he is not yet done with this world. I can’t say I haven’t missed him. I hope that this man’s dream really was a premonition. I’m willing to believe, anyway, because, hell, you’ve got to do something.

At any rate, I guess I should have another party and get everyone together in my backyard and see what happens?? Expect an invitation in the mail soon!!