dang dude. my spirit-brother and high-caliber human TOMBO took this photo of PALLAS and me last night. he did a long exposure . . . the sky was completely black and you could only barely see the roses. we may as well have been fumbling around in the dark, and then look here at this god damn beautiful photograph of a dopey black-haired grease-slicked idiot standing next to someone much cooler! whoa: and the fog rolling over the trees up above and misting everything below. yeah.

it had been misting up in the hills, in grizzly peak, and you couldn’t see anything beyond your nose . . . just a swirling grey abyss of cold wet air. we sat down on a felled redwood and pallas huddled against me to stay warm while tombo tried to take pictures of all that nothingness. my clothes and hair were damp within minutes and i knew that when we made our way back down to euclid avenue, i would take my friends to the rose garden there, which would be very nice what with the roses being watered and all, and knowing the three of us could be alone there to run around and smell all the flowers . . . which is what we did! man, we had a good ol time exploring those secret passageways and tunnels and playgrounds and forest bridges, and on and on, all hopped up on cheap coffee from colonial donuts. that right there is The Best Stuff, don’t you know. i wanna keep doing that stuff for the rest of my stupid life. h’okay?

somewhere in all of this, tombo managed to take that surreal photograph of my beautiful friend and me looking like we’re in a diorama or something. uff!! love y’all~ 💜