but it’s also just EVERYTHING

the sickness unto death is the sum of all things real and imagined

all weekend i have had a difficult time finding peace in any of the things i keep in my house that are supposed to do just that

because, let’s face it baby: none of that crap is going to save me or you or anyone else

despair isn’t an emotion in this household

it is an occupation!!!

mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be starsailors!!!!

i drank a cup of coffee at midnight because i’m a huge idiot but i’m going to attempt to go to sleep now anyway

i haven’t really slept in ten years lol

i’m serious


someone put the machine on me and see what’s inside

what would my reaction times be

it would almost be a relief to be identified as a replicant

my memories feel like implants anyway!

yo: V-K me, man

prove to me that i am what i think i am, which is artificial

and send me to an early retirement, if you know what i mean!

(i’m perfectly sane, by the way, if you are in fact allowed to declare yourself so. i’m just exhausted and fulfilling my duty as an agent of despair. sue me, man. i have the sickness, and you do too. so long for now ☆)