My friend Stella posted something that, for whatever reason, reminded me of the Starchild from 2001. That night I had a dream about the Starchild.

Why? Who knows. I guess I just like that thing.

Anyway: I watched the movie again the following night. I had not seen in a six or seven years. It’s extremely good obviously. It’s also super chill to hang out with. I was bummed I didn’t have weed.

HAVING GOT MY FIX, I then watched A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Now this one I had not seen since high school. I remember watching it with this girl I was in love with at the time. I was 15 and she was 17. I spent the night at her house and we made popcorn and put it on. At the time I remember really liking it, but it also terrified me. I avoided it for years after that because it reminded me of that girl. She didn’t do anything to me . . . it was just unrequited love is all, and the first time I had ever experienced that, so it wounded me especially bad. Hah!

Though yeah, upon rewatching it exactly 20 years later, I dug it a lot. It was screamingly obvious now, but had escaped me back then, that for all the utter brutality and darknesses it exhibits, it is definitely a comedy. Malcom McDowell plays Alex as this completely bizarre, wholly unique and almost alien person, and despite being a vile psychopath, you end up liking the guy in some way. He’s also the only character who knows he’s in a movie. He even raises a toast to audience while staring directly at us in the first thirty seconds of the movie:

Apparently one of the reasons Malcom McDowell was hired was because he can burp on command, which he does here:

It’s a comedy!

I wonder what I should watch next. I can’t watch EYES WIDE SHUT because that’s a Christmas movie. So I guess tomorrow night I’ll watch LOLITA. I’ve actually never seen that one. I’ll report back once I have~