i wrote a thing about visiting my beloved belgians in brussels recently. the sun is coming up so i should probably finish it later today. anyway, here’s a picture i took on christmas day in that weird city. i didn’t manage to take a picture of it, but in the window of this here store (what is it, even?), there was a shirt that said, in the ‘back to the future’ font:


“frites” being the dutch word for french fries. but like, what? in fairness, the belgians did invent french fries (french being a misnomer obviously) in the 16th century, and their fries are very good, so i guess they can put whatever they want on a t-shirt. their fries come in a big cone with ketchup and mayo (ew) on top. listen, i adopt a WHEN IN ROME policy wherever i go, so despite my usual reservations for mayo, i embraced it with great flourish. to quote my friend ishmael: “i try all things, i achieve what i can.”

i also had a belgian waffle from a waffle van / food truck, which were ubiquitous, and it was very good! anyway, i got more to say, but for now i’m going to crawl into my coffin and dream of belgian french fries. as i will be recalling a memory of them, i guess you might say i’m going “back to the french fries”……………..

ok good-night ☆彡