whoa. this was like exactly one year ago. am i gonna get in trouble for posting this?? in like an “ugh ryan no don’t use that picture. i’d been driving all day” kind of way? probably! but i think she looks cute obviously . . . and definitely kinda british

anyway: bex came to stay with me when i was in self-exile in virginia last august. i think she was camping inside her car up and down the east coast or something. how she ended up near DC i can’t say, but we got thai food and walked around and drove around and had us a good ol time. it was nice to have her there. she is one of those people where we can basically do nothing and still infinitely generate a conversation. as far as i’m concerned, that’s the very best kind of person to know

in the morning she and her trio of stuffed animals drove me to union station in DC where i caught a bus to new york city to see my friends there. it was raining and she was dreading the thought of camping in the rain. i wanted to stay with her. i said: “listen baby i’m hip about time, but i just gotta go.” and so with sadness i went. (a week later i moved back to california, which maybe i shouldn’t have done . . .)

though yeah, i’m gonna go visit new york again in a few weeks. i’ll probably have the same exact trip, which is Fine By Me. that sounds great actually

and then i’ll see bex again in october in berlin. and hopefully get thai food and definitely walk around again with her. yeah~