I have been thinking lately about this tooth of mine, which is right up front, and how fragile it is . . . and there is a great big story about it, which I will get to in the next few days. Anyway something happened to it, and maybe that something is a little tiny baby bit interesting. Maybe not! I’ve wanted to write it for days, but Lord knows I’ve been working seven days a week, sometimes both jobs on the same day, as is the case tomorrow, and it has gotten so I can hardly think anymore. My brains are totally scrambled. Perhaps they’ve turned to sand!!!

On the other end of it, I have been in contact with a company who, despite my every fear and doubt, and typical resignation of total hopelessness, has kept on emailing me week after week about A Cool Job I Applied For. These things tend to take a long time, though hey, if they end up going with me instead of some other creep, then that’s something all right. Near as I can tell, these are fine people who run an honest company doing honest business. There’s nothing slimy about it at all, and that’s the sort of thing I’ve been searching for: to pay my rent and not experience any more dread than is absolutely necessary. Oh baby! That sounds swell. I ain’t exactly gonna wish upon a star or nothing, but I will, with great trepidation, revisit the idea every now and then that perhaps I’ll be all right soon, and maybe for a little while longer after that. . . .

And listen: I am finishing up this store of mine. It’s going to be so stupid and insane. You’ll love it, maybe. I’ve gotten some people involved, and they are some of the best people I know, and we’re working on this thing. We’re gonna do stuff, because hell, why not? You gotta do something. I don’t know what else to do.

This is what I’m going to do right the heck now: pass out until Earth needs me again. Though, if I’m being honest, I’m pretty sure I need Earth a whole lot more than it needs me. Yup. See you creeps on the sunny side.