I’ve been rewatching all of David Lynch’s stuff. I have watched ‘Mulholland Drive’ every day for a week. My favorite is still ‘Wild at Heart,’ but ‘Mulholland Drive’ is uhhh probably definitely his best one.

Anyway! I’m also tearing through ‘Twin Peaks’—watching one episode a night while I drink tea laced with magnesium citrate so I can fall the hell asleep afterwards!

HERE IT IS: The best and worst Twin Peaks characters, and also my Twin Peaks girlfriends and boyfriends. I am omitting Agent Cooper from these lists, because otherwise he would hog the spotlight!!

Also, I want to say this about the worst characters, which is that they’re not “bad characters,” or written poorly or anything (except maybe Windom Earle cuz guy kinda sucks). But hey, whatever, anyway~


  • Big Ed
  • Ben & Jerry Horne
  • Lucy
  • Andy
  • Audrey
  • Leo
  • Pete
  • Leland Palmer
  • Maddy Ferguson
  • Agent Rosenfield
  • Dr. Jacoby
  • Major Briggs


  • James
  • Donna
  • Josie
  • Windom Earle
  • Annie Blackburn
  • John Wheeler


  • Shelly
  • Norma
  • Lucy


  • Big Ed
  • Pete
  • Andy

The thing about Shelly and Norma is that if you dated either of them, you’d probably just hang out at the Double R Diner all the time. Man, I love diners. I sure would hang out there with my girlfriend all the time!!! It’s been a while I reckon, but as I recall, visiting your girlfriend at work is real cool. I’ve never had a boyfriend before so I can’t say if it’s a similarly satisfying experience, though hey, why wouldn’t it be~

Your turn!!!